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My New Community - gleeable

Hi! *waves* After a few months of working at my Loved community only, I decided to open up my own community again where I'll be making at least 2 freebies a month over there. I've really missed making at my own community so here I am~


I have a promotion contest going on right now and you can stand a chance to win a .info domain!!
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paintawish is now CLOSED

This was a terribly hard decision to make but I am afraid to say that I am unable to stay committed to my freebie community due to my offline commitments (aka my studies). My grades are dangling by a thread and I am unable to keep my freebie community open and to keep posting freebies. I'm in my 2nd last year of school and I will be taking my GCE "O" Levels next year which determines which Junior College I may go to. Unfortunately, I'm not doing so well in school and I want to dedicate my time to my studies.

I will not be making freebies anymore (with the exception of frozensugar but I am taking a hiatus for now, I'll be posting freebies there periodically). I will only make freebies for my Loved List at creatify whenever I have time, I can't give a set day or time when I may post a freebie because something at school may pop up and I'll have to stay back.
If you're interested in a invite you have to purchase a Permanent Loved Pass ($20). Please contact me via PM or comment if you are interested.
(Makers interested in Trades, please contact me. I can't promise I'll accept everyone who would like to trade, if I like your goodies, I'll probably accept. If not, I'm sorry.)

To the ladies who are part of the Disney-tastic Theme Month, please GIVE ME YOUR E-MAIL. I will be sending you the goodies instead by e-mail, I will also be taking a 2 week break from everything to prepare for Common Tests next week so I'm extending the Theme Month over to April as I need more time to make all the goodies promised. No extra charges!
If you're interested in being a part of this, this is your FINAL CHANCE. I have 4 spots left, sign up here.

It was great making freebies for y'all and I enjoyed making them but I hope you understand that my studies are my No. 1 priority and to prepare for everything I'm going to have to give up making freebies in order to pull up my grades.

Thanks for being such understanding members!

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Be an Example!

If you would like to be an example for one of the freebie blinkies, fill out the form :)